alife burger (Two different mini burgers)                             ¥1,000

Romaine lettuce, tomato, patties, buns,

foie gras, potato, BBQ, aurora  

Chinese style sandwich

             with homemade roasted pork fillet       ¥700

Nagozakura, fine strips of leek, gua bao, thinly sliced ginger  

Jerk chicken burrito                                              ¥900

6inch flower tortilla, half a slice of chicken leg,

risotto rice, avocado, tomato  

Bruschetta                                                             ¥700


(Shimeji mushrooms, mushrooms, king trumpet mushroom),

tomatoes (tomato, basil, mozzarella) Salmon (salmon, basil)  

One-bite taco                                                         ¥700

Chili beans, salsa, crab mayo, mini tomato  

Petit-chou with salmon and potatoes                 ¥700

Salmon rillettes, potato salad, chou  

Veggie sticks                                                          ¥700

Vegetables of the season, considering two types of sauce  

Marinated vegetables and homemade pickles  ¥700

Red and yellow paprika, Chinese yam, celery, marinated eggplant  

Marinated olives and olive frit                             ¥700

Marinated olives, olive frit  

One-bite croquettes                                              ¥700

Minced beef, potato, wostishire sauce, red wine, mayonnaise  

French fries                                                           ¥700

Shoe string potato, ketchup, mayonnaise  

Spicy fried chicken                                               ¥800

Drumette, country potato, BP sauce, Buffalo Hotter, BBQ  

Fried spring rolls with seafood                           ¥700

Shrimp spring roll, scallop, spring roll  

Assorted cheese                                                ¥1,000

Subject to change  

Assorted Italian salami                                       ¥800

Coppa, Milanese salami, mortadella   

Assorted sausage                                                ¥900

4 kinds (one with a bone)  

Bourguignon butter sautéed escargot            ¥1,000

Escargot, Bourguignon butter  

Mushrooms grilled in garlic oil                          ¥700

Mushroom, garlic oil, semi-dried tomato  

Radish rolled jangja                                            ¥800

Radish, jangja, young onion shoots, sesame oil  

Tea and rice with red sea bream                       ¥900

Red sea bream, rice, sesame paste, perilla,

versatile leek, parched sesame, wasabi, dashi  

Today's Hors-d'œuvre plate                            ¥2,000

3 dishes depending on that day's stock  



Green salad                                                     ¥1,000

Baby leaf, red and yellow paprika, cucumber, red onion,

feria dressing  

Caesar salad                                                   ¥1,100

Romaine lettuce, croutons, bacon, parmesan cheese,

soft-boiled egg  

Orange salad                                                    ¥1,000

Orange, olive oil, ciboulette, black pepper  

Caprese                                                             ¥1,100

Tomato, mozzarella, basil, oil  

Wagyu roast beef salad                                   ¥1,200

A3 sirloin, baby leaf  

Smoked snapper salad                                    ¥1,200

Baby leaf, chicory, smoked red sea bream, lemon dressing  

Homemade smoked salmon                           ¥1,200

Smoked salmon, tomato sauce, dill, capers  

Tuna and avocado tartar                                 ¥1,200

Tuna, croutons, cucumber, avocado, mayonnaise  

Foie gras risotto                                               ¥1,200

Foie gras, risotto rice  

Spear squid filled with squid ink risotto       ¥1,000

Spear squid, squid ink risotto, squid leg frit  

Shrimp and scallops

        with chili sauce Singaporean style        ¥1,200

Whiteleg shrimp, Japanese scallops, long onion,

asparagus, egg, chili  sauce  




Margherita                                                       ¥1,100

Mozzarella, dice tomato, basil, parmesan cheese  

Salmon cream pizza                                      ¥1,200

Smoked salmon, Béchamel sauce, onion, asparagus,

mixed cheese  

Honey and cheese pizza                                ¥1,200

4 kinds of cheese, honey  

Korean green chili pizza                                ¥1,100

Gochujang, dice tomato, green chili  

Crispy pizza  

               with Genova sauce and garlic        ¥1,000

Genova sauce, chopped garlic  

Crispy pizza with anchovies and garlic       ¥1,000

Anchovy, chopped garlic  

Stick pizza                                                         ¥800

Dried keema, mixed cheese  



Today's fish    

Fish of the season. Recipe can be dealt flexibly  

Today's meat

The recipe and kind of meat

can be dealt flexibly depending on the stock.  




Chocolate plate                                                 ¥1,000

Macaron, orangette, truffles  

Dipped dried fruits and nuts confiture           ¥1,000

Kiwi, orange, strawberry, walnuts, pistachio, hazel nuts  

Tea and Rosa × damascena cake                    ¥1,000


Green tea zenzai                                               ¥1,000

Mochi balls, green tea ice cream,

Turkish delight, coarse sweet red bean paste, cream  

Today's assorted ice cream                            ¥1,000

Nougat glase, sherbet, ice cream *To be confirmed  

Dessert plate                                                 ¥2,800 

4 kinds of special desserts  

Assorted fruits                     ¥3,000・¥5,000・¥10,000 


Today's whole cake                                      ¥3,500

Chocolate or berry cake 120*150  

Whole cake (reservation required)                        ¥5,000~